Watchung Rescue Squad

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The Watchung Rescue Squad is always looking for dedicated volunteers interested in joining our team and would be pleased to discuss our organizational needs with you.  No prior medical experience is necessary to join; training and uniform can be provided by the squad.  Email if you have any questions.  Our membership application can be downloaded below, to be filled out and dropped off at our squad building.  If you are interested in helping your community, fill out an application today!

There are three categories of members: Active members (EMT), Driver and Cadet.

  • Active members/ Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): Active members ride on the ambulance, participate in Emergency Medical calls and provide patient care.  Prospective members interested in joining as an active member must be 18+ and have a valid NJ Driver's License.  To join as an active member, they should first fill out an application and identify times they are available to ride a duty shift on the squad.  After an interview, an applicant may be asked to join the squad.  Once accepted, participants are assigned a crew to ride with and begin probationary training.  New volunteers must receive training in CPR, Squad equipment and procedure and other classes mandated by the state of New Jersey.  Volunteers in this membership category must obtain EMT certification.
  • Driver: Drivers also ride on the ambulance and participate in Emergency Medical calls.  Prospective members interested in joining as a driver must be 18+ and have a valid NJ Driver's License.  Drivers will go through the same interview process and probationary period described above and must become familiar with Squad equipment and procedures as well as radio protocols.  Drivers will be expected to obtain CPR certification before they are able to drive the ambulance, this can be provided by the squad.
  • Cadet: The purpose of the cadet program is to provide high-school students with the dual opportunity to help their community and to learn more about healthcare systems.  High school students who are at least sixteen years of age are eligible to join the squad and assist in emergency calls.  Cadets are expected to attend training sessions, participate in cadet meetings and squad activities and serve on a regularly scheduled crew shift once each week.  Cadets are also expected to obtain EMT certification.


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